Trustco Bank makes switching your account over easy with the help of ClickSWITCH. Switch your direct deposits and automatic payments at the click of a button and see how much easier banking can be. For more information, visit your local branch.

Moving, Getting Married, Going to College?

Change is exciting! Let's minimize the hassle with ClickSWITCH. Switching accounts from one bank to another means filling out forms and making phone calls, but ClickSWITCH can speed up this process and make it painless. Move your bank transactions from your old financial institution to your new financial institution, Trustco, with just a few clicks. Watch the video below to see how it works.


Looking to switch your account to Trustco Bank? Now it is easier than ever! Introducing ClickSWITCH. ClickSWITCH makes switching your direct deposits, automatic payments and more with the click of a button! Switch your account to Trustco Bank and see how much better banking can be!

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