1st Mortgage: Refinance

  • Financing Available for Owner Occupied Residential Properties Up to 4 Units

  • Free 90-Day Rate Lock at Time of Application

  • Up to 89.5% Financing Available (80% Max for Condominiums)

  • Low Closing Costs

  • Biweekly or Monthly Payment Options Available

  • No Tax Escrow Required - Earn Interest With Your Trustco Tax Saver Account

  • No Borrower Paid Private Mortgage Insurance*

  • No Appraisal Fee

  • No Prepayment Penalty

  • Quick and Easy Application Process

  • Convenient Automatic Payment Option, From a Trustco Checking Account, With a Lower Interest Rate

  • Renovation Loans Also Available

Applicable to our portfolio mortgage product. If you fail to qualify for that product, you may be offered a mortgage that does have an appraisal fee, borrower-paid PMI, and a tax escrow account.
*Lender paid Private Mortgage Insurance on loans 89.5% Loan-to-value and over.

Please note: We reserve the right to alter or withdraw this product or certain features thereof without prior notification.

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