E-Statement Questions and Answers

Once you are logged in to the Internet. Go to the statement tab, click on the
eStatements line and follow the instructions.

  • Log in to our website (new customers enroll into our internet banking)
  • Click on the Statements option under the Accounts tab then click eStatements and follow the instructions to enroll in e-Statements.
  • Here are some great reasons to Go Paperless:
  • Simple. Less paper to keep track of.
  • Fast. You'll receive an e-mail notification when your statement is available. Set-up e-mail, text or phone alerts.
  • Convenient. View and print your statements anytime.
  • Secure. Reduce the chance of a statement getting lost or stolen.
What is an E-Statement?

An E-Statement is an electronic version of your statement with images available online via our Internet site. You can view and print your statement right from your computer, avoiding the wait for traditional mail.

Is there a charge for E-Statements?

There is no charge.

Do I have to sign up for online banking in order to have access to E-Statements?

Yes, you have to sign up for online banking in order to have access to E-Statements.

Do I need a new password or login ID to access my E-Statement?

No, your existing ID and password are all that is needed.

What accounts are eligible for E-Statements?

Checking, Money Market and statement savings accounts can be received as E-Statements.

When can I view my E-Statement?

You can login to view E-Statement at any time! Your E-Statement will be available within 24 hours after your statement cycle ends. We will send you an email alerting you that your E-Statement is ready for viewing.

Will my E-Statement look the same as my paper statement?

Yes, your E-Statement looks exactly like your paper statement.

Are check images available with my E-Statement?

Yes, your check images (front and back) are included with your statement.

Will I be able to print my statement and check images?

Yes. Once you open the E-Statement you will be able to print it just like you print any document on your computer.

What if I unexpectedly stop receiving my paper statement?

Once E-Statements start, your paper statement will no longer be produced. Since either owner on an account can request an E-Statement, the other owner may have signed up for E-Statements and the paper statement is no longer being printed.

How do I get the paper statement turned on for the other owner of the account?

Complete the appropriate section of the Checking/Savings Maintenance Form to reactivate the paper statement.

Can I change back to paper statements?

Yes, you can go back at any time to paper statements. Simply visit a branch and speak to a manager.

Who should I call with questions?

Stop by or call your local branch or Customer Service at 800-670-3110.