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Corporate Sustainability

Trustco Bank is committed to long-term success through strong corporate governance; ethical business practices; and thorough adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the Company’s Code of Conduct and other applicable policies.

To view the policies and governance documents that serve as our foundation, please refer to our Investor Relations page.

ESG Board Oversight

The charter of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, a standing committee of the board of directors, has been updated to document the Committee’s oversight of environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) matters. Specifically, the Committee:

  • oversees the Company’s ESG program, activities, and related policies, operational controls, and disclosures;
  • receives updates about such matters as needed, but at least quarterly;

Operationally, management has designated the Chief Risk Officer, Robert M. Leonard, as the company’s lead in charge of ESG-related matters. The CRO is supported in this regard by General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Michael Hall, and Assistant Vice President Lauren A. Maxwell, an American Bankers Association Certified Trust and Financial Advisor. The Committee is Chaired by Independent Director Lisa M. Lucarelli. Mr. Leonard reports directly to Chairman, President, and CEO Robert J. McCormick.

On February 17, 2021, Trustco Bank Corp NY Nominating and Corporate Governance Chair, Lisa Lucarelli, participated in Director Dialogue Day with BlackRock Investment Stewardship. Ms. Lucarelli was joined in the session by Board Chairman and CEO Robert J. McCormick, Chief Risk Officer Robert M. Leonard, and General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Michael Hall. The group gained valuable insight from BlackRock Americas Head of Investment Stewardship Ray Cameron, BlackRock Global Head of Investment Stewardship Sandy Boss, and BlackRock Founder, Chairman, and CEO Larry Fink.

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