It’s easy to see why so many people choose Trustco Bank. For all their checking and savings needs. Our customers have free access to over 55,000 ATMs. Trustco’s online banking and mobile app make it easy to keep track of your finances. And we still go by the book with our passbook savings account. The best keeps getting better. Choose Trustco Bank. Here for you for over 120 years. Come home to Trustco, your Home Town Bank.


A checking account allows you to safely store the money you need to pay day-to-day expenses. When you need to spend on groceries, monthly bills, or gas, you can instantly transfer money in and out of your Trustco checking account as often as needed.


A savings account is a safe place to store money that you don’t need immediately. You can save it for a vacation, a new car, a big wedding, or any goal while enjoying the interest accrued along the way. A Trustco savings account limits how frequently you can transfer funds in and out to help your savings grow.

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Certificate of Deposits

Opening a certificate of deposit (CD) at Trustco Bank grants you a higher interest rate than a regular savings account if you don’t touch your money for an agreed upon time. That time is known as a term length. At the end of the period, you’ll be able to withdraw the money and earn high yields.

Money Market Accounts

Trustco money market accounts are interest-bearing accounts that provide the benefits of a savings account with the features of a checking account. You typically earn higher interest than a savings account but can still use a debit card and write checks against your account balance.

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ATM/Debit Card

A debit card connects you to your checking account without the need to carry cash or checks. You can also use it at the ATM and online for any purchases. It’s the most convenient way to access your funds whenever and wherever you go.

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Deposit Today for a Better Tomorrow

Opening a new deposit account sets you up on the road to financial success. At Trustco Bank, we’ve made it easy for you to open an account online, on the phone, or in-person. Ready to responsibly manage your money and reward yourself for saving? Let’s open your new account today.

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