Eileen Bisordi, M.Ed.

Eileen has dedicated her life to service people with disabilities. Throughout her career, she has run multiple organizations focusing on community inclusion. Using her years of experience, she founded the Hawthorne Foundation, a premier educational facility for people of all ages with a developmental disability.

Delores Doriguzzi

Delores has built her career as a successful business woman on honesty, integrity, and giving back to the community. She is always involved in multiple organizations, and always working to make the world a better place. Her ambition is contagious, as she makes any place she works a positive environment.

Christopher Schmid

He touched the lives of so many in different ways. After receiving his Master’s Degree in education, Chris became a successful High School teacher and coach. He later went on to coach for Union College and was a major supporter of their athletics program. After retiring from education, he was a pioneer in the real estate industry, and remained focused on giving back to the community.

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