Your Family's Financial Security

By leaving all or a portion of your estate in trust, you can add to your family's financial security. Trusts are appropriate whenever you want to leave someone the benefits of property without the burdens of its management.

A trust for your spouse can provide generous support if he or she survives you. In addition, trusts can frequently reduce federal estate taxes for a husband and wife by reducing the tax liability at the survivor's death. When children or other beneficiaries are young or financially inexperienced, the need for a trust is clear. However, the trust provisions need not be rigid.

Trustee Discretion

A beneficiary need not be limited to the income from a trust fund. You have the option of giving the Trustee discretion to utilize the principal of the trust for a variety of purposes, such as paying for a child's education or maintaining your spouse's standard of living. Our Trust professionals keep in close contact with your family and exercise your intentions with prudence and understanding.

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