Planning for an Estate Settlement

We administer your Estate and protect your assets. We plan for the tax-efficient transfer of your wealth. Have you planned for the transfer of your wealth at death? Selecting a qualified executor is a key component of an effective Will.

Trustco Safeguarding

Your executor is responsible for safeguarding the assets of your estate, payment of proper debts, contesting improper claims, collecting sums owed the estate, and filing estate and income tax returns.

Your executor must decide what assets to sell and when to pay taxes and estate expenses. Also, your executor needs to make timely and accurate distributions to your beneficiaries or to the trusts you establish for their benefit.

The Characteristics of An Ideal Executor Include:

  • Unquestioned integrity and freedom from personal bias
  • Familiarity with special tax questions that arise when an estate is settled
  • Professional, full-time investment management of assets in your trust or estate
  • Timely and accurate administration of your trust and estate
  • Integrity and impartiality in executing your directions
  • Experience in handling all types of assets and unique holdings
  • Tax preparation and expertise in dealing with unusual tax situations

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