Fraud Prevention: ALERTS

August 7, 2018

'SPOOFED' Emails from Trustco Bank

Customers and non-customers are receiving emails which claim they are the beneficiary of money deposited at Trustco Bank. These emails are not from Trustco Bank and the sending email address is not associated with Trustco Bank. Do not respond to these emails.

The senders appear to be attempting to convince consumers to send funds to release the money or to steal information which would allow them to steal your identity. Trustco Bank reminds you that it is unsafe to send personal information or banking information via email.

If you receive a suspicious email which appears to be from Trustco Bank, do not respond to the email. Please report the email to your local branch or customer service at 1-800-670-3110 immediately.

'SPOOFED' Caller-ID Telephone Calls from Trustco Bank

Customers and non-customers are getting calls from what appears to be Trustco Bank.  The callers ask for credit card/debit card and Social Security Number information.  The Caller ID and Caller display reads 'Trustco Bank'. The Caller ID is being 'Spoofed'. 

If someone claims to be calling from Trustco Bank and is asking for Account/Credit card/Debit card information or Social Security information do not give them such information over the phone.  Even if your Caller ID shows the call to be coming from Trustco Bank. We are aware of this issue and are working to get to stop it. Do not give out personal information over the phone. Trustco Bank will never call you to ask for personal information. If you have any questions, contact your local branch or customer service at 1-800-670-3110.


The following text message is not from Trustco Bank. It is part of a scam designed to steal personal and financial information from Trustco customers. Any information submitted on this can be collected by Internet criminals and used for fraud and identity theft.

[email protected]
Your Attention Is Required, Call 1(302)223-4547

The From may be different but the messages are the same.

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