Security FAQs

Q. How can I find out more about your privacy policy?

A. To understand how we use and protect customer information, read our Privacy Policy.


Q. How can I prevent fraud online?

A. You can help safeguard your information with the following practices:

  1. The best ways to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts is to protect your password. Make sure it is difficult to guess, do not write it down, do not share it with anyone and change it periodically. Your password is the only way to get access to your accounts, so keep it secure.
  2. Do not leave your computer unattended with your personal banking session open. While there is an automatic timed log out if there is no activity, your information will be more secure if you exit your online banking before leaving your computer.
  3. Click EXIT when you are finished with your online banking rather then just closing your browser, or going to another web page. Use the EXIT button to make sure someone else can not access your information after you leave the computer.


Q. How can I prevent ATM/Debit Card fraud?

A. You can help safeguard your information with the following practices:

  1. Protect your PIN # - Memorize your PIN #, do not keep this number in your wallet or purse. Do not write this number on the back of your card. Also, if you change your PIN #, select a unique PIN # and avoid using numbers such as birth date, phone number or last 4 digits of your social security number.
  2. Use secure sites when shopping online - When you are shopping online, do not provide your personal or financial information through a company’s website until you have checked for indicators that the site is secure (look for a lock icon on the browser’s status bar or a website URL that begins with “https:” the “s” stands for secure). Unfortunately, no indicator is a guarantee. So make sure that the site you are shopping is a trusted source.


Q. How do I report suspicious email or fraud?

A. Contact your local branch or call customer service at 1-800-670-3110 (between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, M-F, and 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Saturday) immediately. Trustco Bank will never send you an email with a link to our logon page or ask you for any personal information using email.