Trustco Bank now offers Apple, Android, and Samsung Pay!

Trustco Bank now offers Apple, Android, and Samsung Pay!

Your Home Town Bank is proud to make using your Trustco Debit Card easier and safer!

Easily and securely store your Trustco Debit Card to Apple, Android, and Samsung Pay and make your purchasing experience more convenient and versatile.

Getting Started

Add your cards. Apple/Android/Samsung Pay was created to store all of your credit cards as well as rewards cards - now you can add your Trustco Debit Card to that list!

Streamline your checkout process. After adding your Trustco Debit Card to your Mobile Wallet, simply hold your enabled device near a contactless reader of a participating retailer and run your finger on TouchID or enter your Mobile Wallet PIN to pay! It's THAT simple - no apps or programs ever need to be opened.

Secure. Rest assured that your private account information is completely safe. Apple/Android/Samsung Pay were designed so that the merchant does not have access to your card number or identity, and the information is not stored on your device or with the mobile provider’s servers.

The Future. Apple/Android/Samsung Pay is now accepted at hundreds of thousands of retailers and apps and growing!

Total Control

Not only does Apple/Android/Samsung Pay streamline your shopping experience, it also makes it easy to manage your cards and your spending.

Stay Organized. Stay Organized. After adding your Trustco Debit MasterCard to your Mobile Wallet, you can select it to be used for any purchase - while at the same time tracking your spending activity right from your device.

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