An New Digital Experience is Here!

Key Dates | First Time Login Process | What to Expect | New Features/Enhancements

Trustco Bank is proud to announce a new digital experience for both online banking and the mobile app! On August 23rd, the new and improved online banking system will be available.

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First time login process

Customer to log in with existing online banking user ID on Customer will be prompted to enter user ID and password same as today.

Customer will be required to enter a checking or savings account number

Customer will be challenged with Secure Now to have a One Time Pin sent to the phone numbers on record or they can select to answer the “Out of wallet” questions.

Customer is prompted to enter a new password.

Setup security questions for future validation

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What to expect

What information IS converting to the new system

  • All accounts (Checking, Savings, CD, IRA, and Loans).
  • Account transaction history from the last 18 months will be available to view.
  • Reoccurring transfers and transfers previously scheduled for the future.
  • Bill payment payees (payees for email payments will NOT convert).
  • Reoccurring bill payments and bill payments previously scheduled for the future.
  • Business customers: ACH payees.
  • Business customers: Wire beneficiaries.
  • Account nicknames.

What information IS NOT converting to the new system

  • Current payees setup in Billpay for email payments will not convert to new Billpay. (These payees will need to be re-added into the new Popmoney (P2P) solution.
  • Existing alerts will not convert to the new system. You will need to setup new alerts from the new list of real-time alerts.

Important Items to be aware of

  • Bill payment processing will now be different. Funds will come out of your account at the time the payment is processed by the payee.
  • User credentials will be the same for online banking and the mobile application.
  • Be sure to use your current Online Banking User ID when logging into the new online banking system and the app. If you used a different username and password for the app, it will now the same as your current online banking login.
  • Alerts are triggered and sent at the time a transaction posts to the account or when the event takes place. Currently alerts (limited) process daily in the morning.
  • Security One Time Pin options can be sent by phone call or text in the new system. You will no longer be able to receive a One Time Pin via email.
  • The Login Screen URL will be different. If you currently have the old URL ( bookmarked/saved you will receive an error and will need to go to to log in. If you currently sign on directly from, you will not be impacted.
  • You will be required to install the new mobile application
  • You will need to disable the pop-blocker for this new URL to allow accessing E-statements.
  • Credentials will need to be re-established with third parties (Ex. Intuit Quicken, Mint)
  • Compatibility: Recommended Browsers:
    • Windows 10 - Most current version of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge
    • Windows 7 - Most current version of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer
    • MAC OS X 10.11 - Most current version of Safari and Chrome
    • MAC OS X 10.10 - Most current version of Safari and Chrome
  • Compatibility: Mobile Browser Operating Systems:
    • iOS devices - iOS 11.4 and above
    • Windows Mobile - OS 8
    • Android - 7.0 and above

Business Banking Customers: New Terminology

  • ”Payees”/”Payors” will now be referred to as “Participants” for business customers with ACH access.
  • Payment/Payroll ACH File options will now be referred to as ACH Credit Files
  • Receipt/Collection ACH File options will now be referred to as ACH Debit Files

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New Features/Enhancements

Enhanced Real-Time Alerts

Alerts can be setup to be sent by email, text, and/or push notification to a mobile device.

You can choose from over 30 alert types:

  • Account balance above threshold
  • Account balance below threshold
  • Deposit credited to account
  • Fee charged to account
  • Debit transaction was posted
  • Credit transaction was posted
  • Check number XXXX cleared
  • Transaction over threshold amount
  • Card Transaction over threshold
  • Withdrawal over threshold amount
  • Transaction equal to an amount
  • ACH debit over threshold amount
  • Debit Card pre-auth hold added
  • Incoming/Outgoing scheduled/auto transfer over threshold
  • Loan past due
  • Loan payment due at billing
  • Payment was posted to a loan
  • Loan advance was posted
  • Escrow payment was posted
  • Interest was posted to an account
  • Initial deposit was posted to CD
  • Account status changed
  • Email address was changed
  • Address was changed
  • Phone number was changed
  • Name was changed
  • Stop payment was placed on account
  • Hold was placed/removed on account
  • Transfer Failed

Personal Financial Manager (PFM)

You can establish goals for savings and other financial milestones.

  • Set budget.
  • Track spending by categorizing transactions.
  • Ability to add external accounts to track spending all in one location.

Additional search options

  • Can search for specific transactions (Debit card, ACH, Wire, Deposits...).
  • Can export directly into a spreadsheet.

Additional Account Details

  • CD’s now display maturity date.
  • Loan accounts display payment amount and next due date.

Secure Messages

  • You will have the ability to send secure messages directly to the bank within the online/mobile banking system.
  • You can send messages to Trustco Bank by clicking on the “Messages” button in top menu bar.
  • If you have a question about a specific transaction, you can click on the envelope button next to the transaction.

Fast Balances

You can enroll specific accounts to view balances on mobile app without logging in.

Branch/ATM Locator

Easier to use and connects right to “maps” on device for directions.

NEW Billpay Solution

  • Ability to initiate Person to Person payments utilizing Popmoney service.
  • Funds will remain in your account until the payment date. Currently funds are debited and then the payment is sent.
  • When setting up payments, the “Pay Date” will be the day you want the payee to receive the funds. (Not the date they want the payment to be sent).
  • Additional E-bill capability including the ability to schedule reoccurring payments for the amount due instead of a specific amount.

Security Enhancements

  • You will be prompted to validate your identity during the login process, when completing transactions, updating profile information, or when updating your password.
  • You can receive a One Time Pin via text message or phone call.
  • Ability to answer identification questions in the event you do not have access to any of the phones listed.
  • You will receive email notifications each time your credentials are used to log in.
  • You can have a specific computer/device remembered so that you do not receive these alerts every time by selecting the “Remember Device” button.

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