2016 Trustco Bank Hall of Fame Inductees

Jane GuidaJane Guida - Jane has volunteered at the UF Health Cancer Center for over seventeen years. As a cancer survivor, she relates to the patients that are receiving treatment and comforts them throughout. Her positivity and fresh baked cookies help brighten the day of all those around her.

Joseph A. Lucarelli - Joe has built his successful career on hard work, honesty, and integrity. His dedication to his community is shown by the number of jobs he created and homes he has built. He is a true asset to our community.

Robert A. McCormick - Bob served Trustco Bank in numerous capacities including President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. During his nearly 40-year tenure, he has provided guidance and sage advice earning him the admiration and respect of his fellow employees and the community. He always led by example and acted as a mentor for so many.

Phil Van Der HeydenPhil Van Der Heyden - Phil’s tireless dedication to the greater Englewood area is the epitome of a true Home Town Hero. He volunteers with many worthy organizations striving to make the community a better place. In addition to his volunteerism, he works as a Realtor helping people find the home of their dreams.